Baby Yawns on 4D Ultrasound

Yawns can be imaged on 4D ultrasounds throughout the second and third trimester, but does it mean anything? Does it mean baby is sleepy? Actually, researchers suggest yawning in the womb can be an indicator that the central nervous system… Continue reading

Baby Feeding Support – app for pregnant moms

Discover SimpliFed, your trusted virtual hub for baby feeding support and essential      . Now accessible to families with commercial, Medicaid, Marketplace, and TRICARE health plans, thanks to our dedicated CEO Andrea Ippolito. SimpliFed provides antenatal and postnatal support…

Heartburn and Hair

Does bad heartburn mean my baby will have a lot of hair? Recent studies have shown that there may actually be a correlation between heartburn and baby’s hair. Now this doesn’t mean the hair is causing the heartburn, however the… Continue reading